Rasa hati… 

Something wrong… Somewhere, somehow but I just couldn’t describe.

I told him… I don’t feel good.

And he really acknowledged it!

“I’m calling you, just to let you know that I’m doing fine and nothing to worry about.”


Never in my life, I feel someone do actually pay attention on small things that… Really too small to be bothered=(

And for that… Thanks!! 


What can I say?

What can I say?

Never expect this engagement phase would be the hardest. I loss myself, I loss a best friend of mine… At a time, it was so difficult that I doubt if I’m doing the right decision. Starting to like someone is not easy…especially he’s not yet halal for you.

I want to to this right.

I want to love Allah more.

I want to be guided to HIS path, and live with HIS  blessings.

And I need some help…and lots of DUAs..

Selamat tinggal. . 

​Untuk hari2 yang telah menjadikan kita insan dayus. 



Dan keparat. 

Aku sudah tidak mampu menghadapinya lagi dengan jiwa yang melemah… 

Maka aku memilih utk pergi. 

Persetankan semua ini. 

Dan usah kau hadir lagi! 

Super tired!

When you alone, screening for 50+ donors…seriously you just wanna collapse:(
But when someone come and give you 2 bottles of 100plus, knowing your tiredness…that just make your day.

Thank you Allah!